How many of you scroll your phone  gallery and view the photographs to recall what all you have done in the past few days or months? I think most of us do this. It feels so good to see all the memories together at one place without making efforts to sort and organize them. Have... Continue Reading →


Is  Child’s Safety Your Biggest Concern?

 With increasing number of  assault and crimes against children,  travelling in school bus  has become really scary thing for parents. They have no idea if their kid has reached school safely. Parents are uncertain about their kids journey from school to home as well. The whole situation gets too panicky for both the parents and... Continue Reading →

Happy Teachers Day

  Every year teachers day reminds me of my childhood days, how we use to scream loudly in the class to wish our teachers Happy Teachers Day.  I am sure each one of us has a favourite teacher whom we cannot forget. Teachers affect eternity, no one can tell where there influence stops. What we... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Raksha Bandhan

  Raksha bandhan is around the corner and everyone is busy buying gifts and rakhis for their siblings. This festival celebrates the special bond between brothers and sisters. There are different stories related to Raksha Bandhan. Toddlers may be too young to appreciate the importance of most of these stories, you can always try sitting... Continue Reading →

A healthy kid is a happy kid.

    Kids need a variety of nutritional food and physical exercise to stay fit and healthy. Healthy food not only makes them physically fit but also makes them happy, active and mentally sound. Why healthy kids are happy kids: 1)Healthy food gives more energy: It is very important for parents to make their child... Continue Reading →


Stubbornness in children is one of the common issue which parents are facing today. Making them do things in a way you want them to do is quite stressful for parents at times. Dealing with such kind of behaviour is a daunting task for parents. There are children who refuse to do certain things you... Continue Reading →

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