How To Protect Your Children From Smog?

Every year between November  and January a thick blanket of pollutants called “Smog” cover  Delhi  and nearby areas UP, Haryana, Punjab. The blue skies turn grey. These harmful air pollutants make you sick or have an adverse effect on your health. It is the children who suffer the most in such atmospheric conditions. People generally prefer to move out of Delhi  after Diwali as the smog level is at its  peak . For Delhi, the Air Quality index(AQI) which should be less than 300 reaches as high as 900 which is harmful not only for children but for adults health as well. Children suffer from problems such as  dry cough, asthma , sore eyes and  skin irritation.

Tips to protect your child from smog:

  1. Prefer to keep your kid indoor on days when the air quality outside is poor. Avoid sending them to school as preventive measure.
  2. Make their immune system strong by offering them nutritious meals.
  3. If  travelling by car, switch on the A.C. and put it on ‘air re-circulation’ mode so that polluted air does not enter the car.
  4. Use air pollution face mask with filter and respirator while stepping out of the house.There are child-size masks available with  certified grade N95; these are able to keep out fine particulate matter.
  5. Use air purifiers at homes. Running it even one hour per day is an effective way to keep the air cleaner.
  6. Make a green corridor at home. Bring home Aloe Vera and Spider Plant these acts as natural air purifiers  which suck up all the pollutants.
  7. Keep your body hydrated and drink more water than usual.

All these measures will definately help you and your child in making your environment healthier.


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