Teachers Tips For Parents

 Being a teacher is the most respectful and at same time the toughest job of all. It requires a lot of patience, will power and natural love for kids . We mothers get tired in handling just one child. Imagine how it would be if we were asked to wrangle 20 children at once in a class. Parents wrestle with their child for minutes and sometimes an hour  to get his sweater on, yet his teacher has 20 kids dressed ready for sports in less than 5 minutes.

The other day I asked my 3 year old to collect and put back all the toys back in the rack after playing she refused to do so. The very next day she came from school she removed her shoes and ran to put them back in the shoe rack and said “ Mamma,  mam has asked  me to do so “. I was surprised and shocked to see this. I think many of us face the same situation with the kids.

Teachers have some special tricks which keep the kids on track. Check some of the tricks below and try to use them at home .

1)Keep changing techniques once in a month to make things look fresh.

If your child is a fussy eater make it a habit to present the food in different forms. Try different recipes. Anne P. says, “Practice one attention grabber for two weeks, and praise, praise, praise when students respond as requested. Introduce another grabber once they have mastered the last, making it a treat to learn something new.”

2) Encourage them to be more interactive:

Encourage your kids to interact with different children so that they learn how to play and collaborate with others.

3)Be Positive:

Avoid using negative sentences  “Don’t touch this “, “Don’t sit here”. Let them be free and discover the pros and cons by themselves. Let them experience life.

4)Children learn what they live:

If children live in a hostile environment, they will learn to fight. If you praise others in front of them they learn appreciation.

If you have some more tricks please comment below and help parents to deal with changing mood of their kids.



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