Limit Screen Time and Get a Happy kid

The other day I went to pick my daughter from School. There was a group of ladies who were discussing how addicted their kids are with TV. Today the concern of most of the parents is how to keep their children away from TV, Phones. Small Ones are addicted to cartoons and the grown ups are addicted to social media.

Mark Zuckerberg the founder of facebook  has banned technology for his children. He don’t want his children to use computer and  facebook. He has filled his house with books. He wants his daughters to play outside rather than using  facebook messenger kids.

Why is it that something which Zuckerberg has pushed to the rest of the world has been banned in his own home? Is it that he knows how disruptive the technology can be for kids?

He is aware of the fact that these services have been designed in a manner that makes them addictive. Regular use or overuse of smartphones can lead to sleeplessness, depression  and other brain related issues not only in kids but in adults as well.

How to keep your children away from using smart phones?

Make it a point instead of giving your child an IPAD on his/her birthday. Gift him a book /bicycle/cricket kit/ flintobox. Give attention to your child’s interest. Does he like to draw? Sing? dance ? or to cook. Use his interests to keep him away from screens.

Be a smart parent, introduce new activities. Kids who are lonely are more likely to make gadgets as their friends. Spend quality time with them. Play together with their toys . Go for outdoor activities. Take him for a nature walk or go for swimming or any other outdoor activity which he she enjoys.

Parents be a role model for your children. Restrict your screen time. If they see you reading a book,

they are more likely to read. If they see you watching TV they will do the same. Set an example for them. You need to be calm and patient and at the same time firm and consistent to explain them why these limits are important.




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